Line Exploration

For the line exploration we had to walk along a mile long line that was 5 feet wide. When I went on a Saturday and sunday, both days were drizzly and cloudy, but I appreciated the weather after a week of hot and muggy days.DSC_3631My room actually falls within the line, this was nice because I actually had a piece of the line that was mine. I could change it, I could relax in it, I could spend as much time as i wanted there.


I wanted to find things that are natural because that is one of the things I found most comforting. It was calm and it reminds me of home.

DSC_3682I learned a lot of things from the line project, mostly how to work within the parameters of the line and being able to create art. I also learned how to enjoy things (and time) without actually doing anything. I spend a lot of my time on my phone or computer, but on the line I was forced to experience the world and nature without those things. I walked what seemed like forever with only my camera and sketchbook and I learned and took in more then I would with my phone

I also experienced things other than sight. I heard the sound of water within the sewer and birds.
Documenting the line was also very interesting because we had to find a non invasive way to show that we had been there as well as found the right space to be in. My group of people chose to mark our line by adding orange post it note with push pins almost every 30 feet.


Exploration 1: Spending 3 hours on the line without any technology, and recording things that you wouldn’t notice with them.

  • 6 different bird calls
  • the leaves on a thick tree have a rippled look when the wind blows through them
  • a total of 7 chipmunks
  • 3 different caterpillars, two where white and fuzzy and one was brown with black ends

(after laying down on a blanket on the hill)

  • 1 tiny spider that was in my hair, 1 one the blanket
  • that when a bug flies over you it almost sounds like a fast car driving by
  • there were two types of clouds, ones that were spread out and sparse and ones that were fluffy and very condensed. The spread out ones were very flat but the fluffy ones were very tall.

Exploration 2:

I made jewelry out of natural materials like grass and flowers.

This was a grass bracelet I had made by braiding three strands of grass together. The pieces were too short so I had to add on another three sections to make it longer.




This was a headband/crown made from different types of flowers. This one was harder because it had a lot more pieces to put together. Also it was harder because it wasn’t a braid



Because my dorm/room falls within the line I decided to do my last two explorations on the line inside my dorm.

Exploration 3: asking people what the know about the line in the lounge:


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