CLOSE along the line

My word that I had to do a study for was the word close.

The first study I did was find things on the line and take close up photos of them. I wanted to find things that when you looked at them in a glance they don’t look particularly interesting, but up close they have things you couldn’t see before.

By taking an extremely close photo you can see single hairs and an in depth look at her eye.
This plant is made up with a bunch of smaller flowers that create what looks like a bigger flower.
On the parking sign you can see all of the reflective panels. I had never noticed them before.

I also took photos that reflect the meaning.

This is of 2 friends that are close. Close can also describe a feeling between people.
This photo was taken inside my dorm room. My room happens to fall within the line. It represents something that is close to me, because I have a personal connection to it.
This shows how something might appear far away, but is actually close because of the reflection.
This shows how something might appear far away, but is actually close because of the reflection.



These two photos show how something can be close, relative to where something else is. The first photo doesn’t look close on its own but in comparison to the second photo it is closer.

My second exploration was asking people I met on the line to give me the first sentence they could think of that included the word close in it. I took audio clips and then wrote them up. Here are some:

  • I am awkwardly close to you.
  • I live close to an ocean.
  • Isn’t your room close to mine?
  • My mom and I are very close.
  • Close that door please.
  • My cat is close to death.

My final exploration of the word was to be able to create a physical thing that could embody the word. I created a box made of cardboard that people could open and close. This took me the most time. I had difficulty getting the hinge and the lid to fit correctly. Sizing was also tricky, but in the end it worked out.

 IMG_1763 IMG_1760 

IMG_1759 IMG_1767


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