Final Group Territory Exploration

For a project we were assigned to get into groups of three, and come up with ways to explore a smaller part of the line, in ways we can express in 4d. There are 3 people in our group, me (Sophie), Becky and Henri. We were each supposed to do 3 explorations, one dealing with measuring our line other than normal means, one that deals with how you experience the  line., and one dealing with the research that can be shown on the line. this in total ends up with 9 explorations, which has shown itself to be a common number seen throughout this project.

Final video project:

Measuring the line:

Throwing the line- my way of measuring the line was based off the saying ‘stones throw away!’ By throwing a large rock as far as I could along the way I could show just how many throws it was. The rock was about 5lbs, and it took me around 7 1/2 throws to get though our park of the line.

Playing music on the line- by playing a set of music we were able to measure the line in a sense of time. It took us 2 minutes and 5 seconds to get through our section of the line. We played a song called ‘Say It (Over and Over Again)’, a smooth and slow jazz piece. We chose this as our music selection because it fit the feeling of our walk, in nature, it was calming.

Footsteps- We measure things in feet, like 12 inches. But what if we measure it in actual feet? Henri walked with one foot right after another, while I filmed his progress in a time-lapse video.

Experiencing the line:

Having a picnic on the line- we each brought in 3 item for us to eat. food that we enjoy or maybe foods we think the others might enjoy. I ended up bringing ramen and popcorn. We sat around and listened to music while we ate our crappy food. This let us get to know everyone better.

We sat and talked and found out 9 new things about each other-


  1. Loves traveling.
  2. Has had 3 cats.
  3. Speaks 3 different languages, Swiss, Portuguese, and English.
  4. His favorite color is green/teal.
  5. He is in a band, called Jeffery Toast.
  6. He has 2 tattoos, neither of them done in a parlor.
  7. He likes reading biographies.
  8. His favorite animals are frogs.
  9. He was a different major last year and switched to foundations.


  1. She has a tree house with 2 floors.
  2. Traveled almost all of Europe.
  3. Very close with my family.
  4. Her favorite book is to kill mocking.
  5. She hates cats and love dogs.
  6. Her favorite color is yellow.
  7. She lives in rhode island and Ohio.
  8. She has been  been to 38 states.
  9. 9.She loves ridding motorcycles.


  1. She snapped her elbow when she was 5 jumping of a swing set.
  2. Her moms cupcakes are very good.
  3. She has a two tattoos done in a parlor.
  4. She is the youngest of her family.
  5. She has 4 cats: Little shit, Giggles, Monster and Lulu, she has three dogs Sampson, Athena and Babe.
  6. She live right outside of buffalo, NY.
  7. She hates snakes and is horrified by them.
  8. She breaks/stops for animals.
  9. She likes reading more than watching movies.

Taking a nap/meditating on the line- each of us played down on a blanket on the line and either took a nap or quietly thought to ourselves. I fell asleep and had a very vivid dream of a friend and I going to Africa and finding only Arctic animals there. We had to make sure that all of the animals got to go home to Italy.

Researching the line:

Fake interviews with trees- We asked trees questions like, How long have you been here? What have you seen? Was it hard to get this big? Are you afraid of people?

Our questions turned into use just having small conversations with certain trees.

Ask uper classmen about the line- As part of the research we wanted to ask about how people in previous classes used the line. They had a wide array of responses, people loving it and people hating it.

History of the line from the library- Becky brought in a book that is a history of Fiat Lux, so it is the Alfred University side.

Overall this project made me understand the line better by experiencing it with other people. We were forced to see it from other peoples point of view, and learn to work as a group to see what the line brings out.


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