Project proposal

Froot of the line

For this exploration our group came up with our own take on a bunch of games. Our inspiration for creating this game was from one of our favorite childhood books Calvin and Hobbes. This is a post modern take on baseball, and it would involve a group of at least 8 people.

So that you can have at least 4 people on each team hits an apple covered with paint with a baseball bat (paper sheet behind them).

2.They pick up the fruit then run in a plastic bag to get to first base where they have to paint a picture base on the line with the painted fruit that they have picked up.

3.Once they are done the have to go and write a haiku about the line at 2nd base hopping there in the bag.

3. They discard the bag at second then run to third where they have to collect 5 different types of leaves on the line.

This is a timed game, and they will have to complete all these obstacles in 4 minutes(1 min per person)

The team thats is sitting out will be places one at each base and will attempt to distract the other times members while they are playing.

After the 4 minutes is up, the next team will be up to bat, and will have to do the same thing.

Whichever team gets the most people home wins.

We would then document the spontaneous art by taking pictures of bother the paper and the peoples clothing, that was created by smashing the fruit.


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