The Focus

What are some of the possible ideas that came out of your research, how and what did you decide to focus on? My partner and I decided on creating a game that we could play on the line that is all related to the line. I think the reason we (or at least I) decided to make it game was because I was having a hard time having fun on the line, and I wanted to have a personal way to enjoy the line project.

How do your ideas relate to the project you are creating?  Everything in our game had a basis within the line, for example;

  • At one point on working on the line I took plates and wrote things I hated about the line and threw them at a tree because I was upset. Because breaking that much glass could be harmful to the environment as well as to ourselves we chose to hit apples.
  • Throughout the line we have had to document things about the line, so instead we had the line document things on us by wearing white and seeing what we got on ourselves
  • The painting that you had to do at the first base was from the things that we have already experienced on the line.
  • The haiku was also about the line or the game.

Document your Project in Process, take a photo every day (or every hour, etc.) and describe its evolution. 

This was one of the only time lapse videos we took, mostly because the work that we put into it was spread over a week and then one HUGE event on Sunday.

Is your idea changing over the course of the project?  How? I do think our idea changed a little bit of the coarse of the week just based on the limitations that were set up. We started up having the ‘stadium’ half in the forest and half in the field, but when we got out to our section of the line we realized that there was a barbed wire fence that separated the two as well as there being not a clear space to put it up. Another thing we had to change over the coarse of the week was getting rid of the bag that you were supposed to jump in to get to each of the bases. It would have been to difficult to jump on such uneven ground.

What interests you most about The Line? Are you looking at the world differently?  What do you want to communicate to others about your experience? I had a VERY difficult experience on the line. I didn’t enjoy the extreme documenting of it, as well as having to convey all the things you experienced through I blog post. I feel that it loses personality by trying to fit everything about it onto a computer screen. While I did have negative feelings about it, I did have some very good times on it, as well as made some pretty cool friends. Having a common thing to deal with let us connect to each other as well as relate to the upperclassmen. I also learned not to take advantage of my time, when it should be spent trying to broaden the spectrum for my future as an artist.


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