Black out Poems, The Sophie Davidson Story

In the nature of art we end up copying a lot of other things that artists do. So we took an even deeper step in and created poems sole out of things that other people have already written.

My poem was from one of my favorite books to read in small moments of pastime: The Darwin awards. This is a book of stupid people doing stupid things, and being lucky enough to have someone close by enough to document it.

My Poem is on the introduction page to the chapter of Alcoholic mishaps, and reads as so….

Alcohol plays devoted,

Get ready saliva….

A beer filled condom


Human Evolution

We had a set of requirements that we had to do with our text, so here they are.

  1. Copy and distribute it to 30 people.

My idea was to send my poem over text, because I wanted to send it to people not at lfred, and to have the people actually read it.  To prove this wasn’t just a half-ass attempt to get the project done fast I took it a little further. I sent the text to over 75 people, without an explanation and documented what they said. The outcome is hilarious…

My number one person to drunk text.
Deep thoughts…



Peoples thoughts on family


Friends who didn’t want to put up with my random shit
Someone who was in a bad mood.
More deep thoughts
People who had better things to do
Someones thoughts on me
Im not even sure…
My mothers response.

IMG_7696Peoples approval IMG_7705


IMG_7718IMG_7721IMG_7723IMG_7722The last one is my favorite because it was a friend who thought I had heard an embarrassing story about him. This led to be crying laughing and finding a video. Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly appropriate to put online.

Over all I had 43 responses to the 75 texts I sent out. It was a crazy funny experience, with a very worried call from my dad.

2) Wear it around for the day:

Since my poem was about condoms and drinking I wrote it on a condom and attached it to a necklace. It was a fairly gross experience, ending with lube on my neck.

3) Write it publicly in a material that disappears almost immediately.

While working earlier in the week one of my friends used the idea of writing the poem on a dollar bill, because that is truly something that disappears immediately. I wanted to use something in the same sense rather then something that washes away. So I picked paper towels, because anytime you need them, they are never there.

4) Shout and whisper it publicly

This I just went around and asked my friends to whisper and shout my poem, which was quite uncomfortable for some. I tried to upload the videos but it wouldn’t take the URL.

5) Turn it into an object and place it in a public space.

One of the key phrases in my poem is “a beer-filled condom” so I literally made a beer filled condom, minus the beer.

6) Hide it, bury, destroy, or let it go…

The condom I filled with water to look like beer I wrote on.