Making Paper

On one of our final classes we were taken over to Harder Hall where we got to make our own paper for printing. This was one of the coolest things I’ve done in foundations.The process we used was very cool. We took crushed and ground fibers (including recycled paper) and added them to water, making a murky semi/thick paste. We then took screens and pulled through the water so only the fibers were stuck on the screen. We would then press the screen onto another sheet where the condensed fibers would stick, then added another sheet on top of this. Once the stack has a substantial amount of paper we took it to a hydraulic press and pressed the paper with 1-2 tons until a lot of water was extruded. We removed the paper and put them on dry racks to let them dry.

When I got to pick up my paper I really liked it. The way the paper feels in your hand is so different and it also feels like its yours.


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