Teach-in Class REIMAGINED

For our reimagined class that we taught, we went with the idea of an interactive display. The thing we originally taught how to make flower crowns, SO WE MADE A GIANT FLOWER CROWN. We thought the best way to get people interested was to make a giant crown that people could go up and change the flowers and the order that they go in.

Since it was much bigger we chose to make the circle part of the crown with twisted brown paper. We had to get a drill gun to twist it fast enough and tape the end where the bit would go. There were no ribbons large enough so we took paper steamers and wrapped them around to create the ribbon look.

This was all in a large scale, so we couldn’t use the small fake flowers that we bought, so we made our own flowers. We took tissue paper and cut them up into squares and cut down wooden dowels. We piled up the tissue paper in a colorful order and crinkled them around the wooden dowels and taped them so that they spread out and looked like flowers. Instead of taping these down to the crown we kept them separate.

This still had to be interactive and the flowers needed to be removed and put back on so we needed to come up with a way to keep them attached. Rubber bands turned out to be a solution to this problem. By wrapping them around the crown we could stick them in and out without anything falling apart.

The next day in class, people were at first hesitant to go up and change the order but once one person went up, everyone went up.




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