Teach-in Class

I was put into a group that already had something to teach. So my teaching project was just as much me learning as well. In a group with 3 other people we were making flower crowns with wire, tape, fake flowers, ribbon, and a good attitude. This consisted of a few steps:

  1. Taking a thin wire and measuring it to the sizes of our heads, and then getting second wire to wrap around the first wire to make it more sturdy for the flowers.
  2. Picking out the flowers you want and put them in the desired order that you would want your crown to have.
  3. One by one you tape the flowers (by the stem) onto the wire crown in your order.
  4. Wrap the ribbon around the wire in a circular matter so that it covers the wire, the tape and stems. Keep wrapping until you have made it completely around the crown and can tie it off to the other end of the ribbon.
  5. Get extra ribbon and tie them on to the back to create the tail.

Whala! You have a beautiful flower crown. This seemed to be a very popular teaching table. Everyone who stopped seemed to have a great time.


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