I was moved into a new group so I had to learn what they did for the teach-ins. The group I joined made bath bombs so they decided to do a play off the senses. With the bath bombs it was smell and feel so they decided they wanted to do something with color.

So for our new group we decided to do a color war and add smoke bombs. A group next to us that included a lot of my good friends were doing their project where they had a giant water balloon fight. At first as a joke we were going to sneak up on them with our colored powder and throw it at them, but we thought that might be rude. Instead we talked to them and decided it would be a cool idea to combine our two groups

The preparation for the water balloon/color fight was almost as much fun as the fight itself. For five and a half hours we sat in the sun filling water balloons outside of Cohen. We had to have waisted 50+ balloons just in trying to soak each other. Every time one of our friends would pass, they would end up hanging around and goofing off until we had almost 10 people there taking turns filling and tying the balloons. By the end of it we had over 700 balloons and 100+ cups of color.


My friend Mary-Hall and I after the color fight.


Dexter was another one of the group members


These are just some of the participants IMG_8565

These were all of the members of our joined group. From the left, Carolynn Fridley, Becky Hunt, Henri Roque, Sophie Davidson  (ME), Madison Muehl, Dexter Pardon, Nick Buffington, and Hannah West.


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