Final Project- The Communication

For my partner and my final art project we went for a way to create a way to connect to the line on a higher level of understanding than what we have previously had before.

A big part of the reason why I liked the idea of creating our own calvinball was because I really didn’t have a personal connection with the line and I didn’t enjoy it. But by playing a game with friends on the line I was able to make that personal connection because I had so much fun. I really enjoyed mixing the friends that were there. I had some friends that I am very close with and I also got to play with people that I had met 5 minutes before. We all might not have been the most compfortable  when we first played because we didn’t know everyone all that well but as soon as we started playing we completely forgot that they were strangers and just had fun playing.

The game that Calvin and Hobbes play in the comics is called Calvinball. Its a game with rules that are made up as you go. I think that the left a lasting effect on me was that the Calvin and Hobbes comics was something I read all the time as a kid. It was one of the first books that got me interested in reading as a hobby.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.28.10 PM

These were my hands after pitching the apples. I found it funny because after it dried I removed my rings and there was a ring negative
This is the bag that we put the paint on to roll the apple in before throwing it to the hitter.
On this team we had Isaac Baskin and William Rusch. This team went first and won with a total of around 9 runs in the 4 minute time period.
On this team we had Chandler, Matt, Isaac Baskin and William Rusch. This team went first and won with a total of around 9 runs in the 4 minute time period.
This was the second group that went. Starting on the left Kendra Byrwa, Carolynn Findley, Henri Roque and myself.
This was the second group that went. Starting on the left Kendra Byrwa, Carolynn Findley, Henri Roque and myself.

This is the final video that we made to show and document our project on the line:

One of the days that I hiked to the top of the line I created the “Fruit of the line stadium”. I lined the area that we played in with large sticks that I found in the surrounding woods.

The bat that Henri and I found previously broke on the first pitch so we had to go through and try to find another stick that would work as a bat. Since our friends were there they helped us try to find one:


Project proposal

Froot of the line

For this exploration our group came up with our own take on a bunch of games. Our inspiration for creating this game was from one of our favorite childhood books Calvin and Hobbes. This is a post modern take on baseball, and it would involve a group of at least 8 people.

So that you can have at least 4 people on each team hits an apple covered with paint with a baseball bat (paper sheet behind them).

2.They pick up the fruit then run in a plastic bag to get to first base where they have to paint a picture base on the line with the painted fruit that they have picked up.

3.Once they are done the have to go and write a haiku about the line at 2nd base hopping there in the bag.

3. They discard the bag at second then run to third where they have to collect 5 different types of leaves on the line.

This is a timed game, and they will have to complete all these obstacles in 4 minutes(1 min per person)

The team thats is sitting out will be places one at each base and will attempt to distract the other times members while they are playing.

After the 4 minutes is up, the next team will be up to bat, and will have to do the same thing.

Whichever team gets the most people home wins.

We would then document the spontaneous art by taking pictures of bother the paper and the peoples clothing, that was created by smashing the fruit.

Final Group Territory Exploration

For a project we were assigned to get into groups of three, and come up with ways to explore a smaller part of the line, in ways we can express in 4d. There are 3 people in our group, me (Sophie), Becky and Henri. We were each supposed to do 3 explorations, one dealing with measuring our line other than normal means, one that deals with how you experience the  line., and one dealing with the research that can be shown on the line. this in total ends up with 9 explorations, which has shown itself to be a common number seen throughout this project.

Final video project:

Measuring the line:

Throwing the line- my way of measuring the line was based off the saying ‘stones throw away!’ By throwing a large rock as far as I could along the way I could show just how many throws it was. The rock was about 5lbs, and it took me around 7 1/2 throws to get though our park of the line.

Playing music on the line- by playing a set of music we were able to measure the line in a sense of time. It took us 2 minutes and 5 seconds to get through our section of the line. We played a song called ‘Say It (Over and Over Again)’, a smooth and slow jazz piece. We chose this as our music selection because it fit the feeling of our walk, in nature, it was calming.

Footsteps- We measure things in feet, like 12 inches. But what if we measure it in actual feet? Henri walked with one foot right after another, while I filmed his progress in a time-lapse video.

Experiencing the line:

Having a picnic on the line- we each brought in 3 item for us to eat. food that we enjoy or maybe foods we think the others might enjoy. I ended up bringing ramen and popcorn. We sat around and listened to music while we ate our crappy food. This let us get to know everyone better.

We sat and talked and found out 9 new things about each other-


  1. Loves traveling.
  2. Has had 3 cats.
  3. Speaks 3 different languages, Swiss, Portuguese, and English.
  4. His favorite color is green/teal.
  5. He is in a band, called Jeffery Toast.
  6. He has 2 tattoos, neither of them done in a parlor.
  7. He likes reading biographies.
  8. His favorite animals are frogs.
  9. He was a different major last year and switched to foundations.


  1. She has a tree house with 2 floors.
  2. Traveled almost all of Europe.
  3. Very close with my family.
  4. Her favorite book is to kill mocking.
  5. She hates cats and love dogs.
  6. Her favorite color is yellow.
  7. She lives in rhode island and Ohio.
  8. She has been  been to 38 states.
  9. 9.She loves ridding motorcycles.


  1. She snapped her elbow when she was 5 jumping of a swing set.
  2. Her moms cupcakes are very good.
  3. She has a two tattoos done in a parlor.
  4. She is the youngest of her family.
  5. She has 4 cats: Little shit, Giggles, Monster and Lulu, she has three dogs Sampson, Athena and Babe.
  6. She live right outside of buffalo, NY.
  7. She hates snakes and is horrified by them.
  8. She breaks/stops for animals.
  9. She likes reading more than watching movies.

Taking a nap/meditating on the line- each of us played down on a blanket on the line and either took a nap or quietly thought to ourselves. I fell asleep and had a very vivid dream of a friend and I going to Africa and finding only Arctic animals there. We had to make sure that all of the animals got to go home to Italy.

Researching the line:

Fake interviews with trees- We asked trees questions like, How long have you been here? What have you seen? Was it hard to get this big? Are you afraid of people?

Our questions turned into use just having small conversations with certain trees.

Ask uper classmen about the line- As part of the research we wanted to ask about how people in previous classes used the line. They had a wide array of responses, people loving it and people hating it.

History of the line from the library- Becky brought in a book that is a history of Fiat Lux, so it is the Alfred University side.

Overall this project made me understand the line better by experiencing it with other people. We were forced to see it from other peoples point of view, and learn to work as a group to see what the line brings out.

Words in class- Natural movement.

In class we had an assignment where we picked a word out of a container, and had to document that word throughout town. The word I picked up was natural movement. At first I took videos of everything, but we had to present it to the class so I took screenshots of each and printed them out with captions.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.22.14 AM
A hot coffee steaming
Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.21.34 AM
A bag full of empty beer rustles and clinks with the wind.
Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.21.48 AM
Francesca shaking her hair out.
Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.21.24 AM
A pug wagging at us.
Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.21.14 AM
A group of people practicing Tai chi.
Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.21.01 AM
The american flag waving in the wind.
Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.20.36 AM
Astrid skipping towards me.
Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.20.08 AM
A car on the streat.
Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.19.29 AM
Me kicking rocks into a stream.
Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.19.03 AM
Water dripping down a car’s side mirror.
Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.17.31 AM
Water moving through a stream.
Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 10.15.27 AM
Henry walking past and giving a peace sign.

When we got back to class we found out that two people each had that word, and we had to find that other person. My person was named Alvi. They got out the information they documented and I got out mine. We printed off the photos and combined them on the table.

IMG_1512 IMG_1521 IMG_1519 IMG_1517

CLOSE along the line

My word that I had to do a study for was the word close.

The first study I did was find things on the line and take close up photos of them. I wanted to find things that when you looked at them in a glance they don’t look particularly interesting, but up close they have things you couldn’t see before.

By taking an extremely close photo you can see single hairs and an in depth look at her eye.
This plant is made up with a bunch of smaller flowers that create what looks like a bigger flower.
On the parking sign you can see all of the reflective panels. I had never noticed them before.

I also took photos that reflect the meaning.

This is of 2 friends that are close. Close can also describe a feeling between people.
This photo was taken inside my dorm room. My room happens to fall within the line. It represents something that is close to me, because I have a personal connection to it.
This shows how something might appear far away, but is actually close because of the reflection.
This shows how something might appear far away, but is actually close because of the reflection.



These two photos show how something can be close, relative to where something else is. The first photo doesn’t look close on its own but in comparison to the second photo it is closer.

My second exploration was asking people I met on the line to give me the first sentence they could think of that included the word close in it. I took audio clips and then wrote them up. Here are some:

  • I am awkwardly close to you.
  • I live close to an ocean.
  • Isn’t your room close to mine?
  • My mom and I are very close.
  • Close that door please.
  • My cat is close to death.

My final exploration of the word was to be able to create a physical thing that could embody the word. I created a box made of cardboard that people could open and close. This took me the most time. I had difficulty getting the hinge and the lid to fit correctly. Sizing was also tricky, but in the end it worked out.

 IMG_1763 IMG_1760 

IMG_1759 IMG_1767

Word Definition

  1. a short distance away or apart in space or time.
    “the hotel is close to the sea”
  2. denoting a family member who is part of a person’s immediate family, typically a parent or sibling.
    “the family history of cancer in close relatives”
  3. adverb
    in a position so as to be very near to someone or something; with very little space between.

Close synonyms:

Close antonyms:

These are the images that come up when you look up the word close:





This is what comes up when close is in news with the word close:

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.18.07 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.20.18 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.20.25 PM

This is what comes up in the video sections of close:

And this is what shopping with the word close:

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.24.26 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.24.43 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.24.51 PM

What close means to me: When I think of the word close I think of my brother and I. We haven’t always been that way, when I was in middle school and he was in high school we fought all the time and didn’t get along. But once I got into high school things changed drastically. We started spending more time with each other and realizing how much we had in common.

Line Exploration

For the line exploration we had to walk along a mile long line that was 5 feet wide. When I went on a Saturday and sunday, both days were drizzly and cloudy, but I appreciated the weather after a week of hot and muggy days.DSC_3631My room actually falls within the line, this was nice because I actually had a piece of the line that was mine. I could change it, I could relax in it, I could spend as much time as i wanted there.


I wanted to find things that are natural because that is one of the things I found most comforting. It was calm and it reminds me of home.

DSC_3682I learned a lot of things from the line project, mostly how to work within the parameters of the line and being able to create art. I also learned how to enjoy things (and time) without actually doing anything. I spend a lot of my time on my phone or computer, but on the line I was forced to experience the world and nature without those things. I walked what seemed like forever with only my camera and sketchbook and I learned and took in more then I would with my phone

I also experienced things other than sight. I heard the sound of water within the sewer and birds.
Documenting the line was also very interesting because we had to find a non invasive way to show that we had been there as well as found the right space to be in. My group of people chose to mark our line by adding orange post it note with push pins almost every 30 feet.


Exploration 1: Spending 3 hours on the line without any technology, and recording things that you wouldn’t notice with them.

  • 6 different bird calls
  • the leaves on a thick tree have a rippled look when the wind blows through them
  • a total of 7 chipmunks
  • 3 different caterpillars, two where white and fuzzy and one was brown with black ends

(after laying down on a blanket on the hill)

  • 1 tiny spider that was in my hair, 1 one the blanket
  • that when a bug flies over you it almost sounds like a fast car driving by
  • there were two types of clouds, ones that were spread out and sparse and ones that were fluffy and very condensed. The spread out ones were very flat but the fluffy ones were very tall.

Exploration 2:

I made jewelry out of natural materials like grass and flowers.

This was a grass bracelet I had made by braiding three strands of grass together. The pieces were too short so I had to add on another three sections to make it longer.




This was a headband/crown made from different types of flowers. This one was harder because it had a lot more pieces to put together. Also it was harder because it wasn’t a braid



Because my dorm/room falls within the line I decided to do my last two explorations on the line inside my dorm.

Exploration 3: asking people what the know about the line in the lounge: