The Proposal, my three good idea

In class today we were asked to write, without thinking, for 3 minutes about the line. We were to write whatever first popped into our minds. After we finished we were then to cross out anything we thought other people might have written. This limited it to only 3 sentences for me, so it was easy when they asked to circle the thoughts or ideas we had about the line that we could turn into projects. Once I picked the word I wanted to focus on we had to write 50 ideas based off of that. They didn’t have to be ideas that would work. Here are some of mine based off the words tired and sore, scratched up, broken and painful:

  • Make a treadmill
  • Get golf carts to ride the line.
  • videos of me breaking things on the line.
  • free massages after you finish walking the line
  • bulldoze the entire line.

These are just some of the few.

The three that I am planning on elaborating are:

  1. making a workout video that is based on the line
  2. video record me breaking stuff on the line.
  3. make a flip book that shows some troubles we had on the line.

1. The work out video would have to take place through-out different parts of the line. It would include:

  • 10 hill run on Astate side.
  • 3 30 second planks inside Cohen
  • 25 jumping jacks in front of Powell
  • 5 push ups in Openhyms lobby
  • 8 stair runs up to the apartments

To make this project work I would need to set aside 5-6 hours to film, I would need to get a person to film it all. This video would show light to just how physical it is to walk the line and how sore you would be after.

2. The video of me breaking stuff on the line would be me smashing plates, cups, and bowls. On each of them I would write observations I have made on the line. These could problems I ran into, things I would change, or things I liked about it. I would then go somewhere on the line and smash them. I want to take the videos in slow motion so you can see the items break. I would collect the pieces and put them back together as best as I could.

Writing on and smashing the plates/bowls/cups and recording it wouldn’t take that long, but the hardest part would betraying to put them back together.

3. The final in depth idea is to make a flip book showing some of the things we experienced on the line. This would easily take up the most time, because it requires a lot of drawing. Even though as an art student we are expected to make something complex, I would want it to be very simple so it would make it too confusing. I would draw a stick figure climbing up a hill and then falling down, running into spiderwebs and running into things in the forrest.


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